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Able Seaman

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Price: $1,141.00
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To prepare the student to meet the U. S. Coast Guard requirements with regard to the duties and responsibilities of an Able Seaman, and to be aware of the obligations under Coast Guard regulations concerning the safety and protection of vessel passengers and the protection of the marine environment.

Subject Areas
Rules of the Road
  • Restricted Visibility Signals
  • Lights & Shapes
  • Maneuvering Signals
  • International/Inland Differences
Navigation General
  • Navigation Aids
  • Types of Bearings & Use of Compasses
  • Navigation Publications
  • Nautical Charts
  • Leadlines
Deck General/Safety
  • Basic Seamanship
  • Firefighting
  • Watchstanding
  • Marlinespike Seamanship
  • Radiotelephone/Distress/Emergency Procedures
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Ship Construction/Inspection/Classification
  • Emerg. Operations, Liferafts/Boats, Lifesaving Eqpt.
  • Survival at Sea