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Celestial Navigation (Operational Level)

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Price: $1,879.00
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The Celestial Navigation-Operational Level course is designed for Ocean Endorsements on licenses 500 ton and above. Practical assessments are credited to proficiency assessments as outlined in the Standards for Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Officer in Charge of a Navigaional Watch (OICNW) Table A-II -1.

Subject Areas
The course includes the following subject areas:
  • Nautical Astronomy
  • Sextant and Altitude Correction
  • Sailings
  • Sight Reduction and Lines of Position
  • Meridian Transit
  • Time of Sunrise and Sunset
  • Star and Planet Identification and Selection
  • Voyage Planning
  • Amplitude and Azimuth Observations
  • Compass Error